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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  February 16, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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want with will. and. to the uh the eye. the rugged exterior dentist and won a bronze medal at the sochi olympics. this is the first medal of pakistan's national team in sochi games to score to fifty five point eight points after short and long programs despite the fact the dentist its performance in the short program was not that good. it was deftly one of the favorites to remind the dentist and was in the ninth place after the short program uses a height of japan won the gold medal winners canadian patrick chan won the silver president of sultan as a buy on behalf of the millions of cars that skinny people
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congratulated him to stand on the bronze medal of the sochi olympics. the program history program is the main stage. we always believed in venice he always makes good performances among programs he is the patron of our country he once again proves it that was an aunty happen instantly. yesterday he was in ninth place but i was sure that in the case with good loan program you'll be the malice of the sochi games i think you could have been a gold medal its staff the adb is a hot and we watched this performance and support him even if i am a dentist well done. he deserves this battle congratulations we all supported him the story. but more was that day the president of context and this optimism by instructed to locate one trillion cd from the national fund to support small and medium sized businesses. this was announced by the chairman of the board of the national chamber of the newest of online news articles during a briefing in the center communication service the head of the national chamber spoke about the prospects of small and
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medium size businesses in the terms of the adjustment of the national currency based it news articles reported that the changes related to the national team d or increase the competitiveness of the export oriented industries in addition i will give an impedance to domestic producers for import substitution and some process industries. according to ms smith of sm east have difficulties with servicing foreign currency loans and the performance of obligations according to the for chem and contracts are also additional risk related to the investment projects which features significant share of imported equipment and components. thank you speech that he did. use. i wouldn't think you'd be their institutions of the vellum and also for the currency loans that were provided to small and medium size businesses through cause i'm broke and my two recordings i think cars are growing by two recordings have such opportunities to confer dollar's continued at the old rate you will be one of the measures of support and which is more that will allow investment projects to be implemented successfully it
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was nice. in addition the team would a puzzle with att is made from a speech that is unlocked. just a moment to rate is only the master of the domestic economy protection. it's all done i can get good says the director of institute of the world economics and politics under the first resident spotted give examples of other countries that have also been forced to defend the producers. one nice about them in kenya. a month ago the argentinian castle fell by twenty nine percent over the past year the turkish currency the euro fell by twenty to twenty five percent. in addition i would say that under the conditions of the reduce call him will trade a competition for export and import balance is really serious. we see the japan also takes measures to protect the producers that is if we look at and the valuation we must clearly identify that it is a compulsory nature when the standpoint of a funnel still has fluid in the senate bush neocon quince puzzled according to seoul i can back of the total final import of russian goods and kazakhstan increased by sixty percent an amount to eighteen billion dollars over the past two years. however export from
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kazakhstan to russia doesn't grow and remains a six billion. therefore the head of the institute award economics and politics believes that the adjustment of the national currency rate will benefit our economy. two of us a kingdom luke and liam in which a person changes relate to the team you're a pretty competitive advantages for exports. secondly it is not only export products. it also implies a competition with imported products books and products are very popular among the population. we also see it but the services market suffers greatly russian companies of replacing domestic companies of course the currency rate adjusted increase its competitiveness and the possibility for cars the company sixty people took the double tracking and gospel with people that read was one of the cool spots to comply. the russian ruble has reached historical lows against the euro the dollar continues to strengthen against the russian currency experts attribute the weakening of the ruble to massive sales of ruble negative trends in emerging markets in general the rubles lows associated with the overall global micah economic situation the currencies of other developing countries such as south africa turkey india and
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argentina also significantly weakened. this phenomenon is caused by global factors there's no direct relation with the ruble it is a common phenomenon that occurs with currencies of emerging markets but the occurrences in the world and that's good for flexible rule will help the economy to adapt to changing internal and external environments in general and the economy is globally stable in the fable micro economic environment is not positive it is better to have a weakening currency is not very good to have the strengthening currency favorable internal and external environments. tax free supplies from fort online stores will be limited on my entry issues were discussed in the local laws for example in context and the rest of the parcels worth more than one thousand dollars are taxed the mother is people have to pay taxes for parcels which are worth more than one hundred and twenty euros. customs officials of three countries believe that they never approached provokes cross border show business commerce is based on the difference in prices and import standards of melrose russia and kazakhstan. the movie uses
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them as you move through it with you. when we see a huge flow of goods moving from regulated segments to e commerce saying that we cannot imagine the volume of trade. therefore in our opinion the restrictions that are being discussed will be a barrier against possible violations for example there are no such problems and all rooms. he was so good the carpets are now being manufactured and shipped in the new enterprise open in the special economic zone called on to stoke as a part of the industrialization now all of the aisle and put on our two new brands that will make some context and carpets well known the project is implemented in four phases awesome with the substance of his egg. who would use local raw materials into production after the launch of the second phase in two thousand fourteen after the full launch of the enterprise the company will supply sixty to seventy percent of the cars extend market thing is i miss the city. thus the problem of import substitution will be soft. today carpets are being put into context and from turkey. eon was back to study and belgium domestic products will cost twenty to thirty percent cheaper than imported ones. it is claimed to produce up to ten million square meters of carpet or
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year when the company reaches full capacity one third of all products will be exported this thing. russia and always have already expressed an interest in our carpets as it is known as three countries have very beneficial trade relations within the framework of the customs union. now with including agreements with moscow also trading companies the order large amounts of product. now the committee is preparing to launch the spinning factory he will provide all planned twenty six production lines with their own well materials the variety of colors and textures of don't know about weaving a regional carpets the cis countries mark the twenty fifth anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan on saturday the soul a meeting was devoted to the event that took place in our small village of salem and the district forty three soldiers in the nationalists were born in this land three of them did not return their comrades relatives and soldiers of independent kazakhstan have gathered together to pay tribute to the memory of those killed in the war schools to repair a theatrical performance artists sing songs dedicated to the un declared war. i
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present a association of veterans of afghanistan as was the military patriotic love cause harm on operates in some unregistered of popular region which you should. the page. i went to congratulate everyone on the twenty fifth anniversary of the soviet withdrawal. i want to wish you all good health happiness in all the best. i wish the whole world to live in peace and harmony. then you must clean ahmadi celebrates the birth anniversary. second i'm on of the classic film studio was named after the people's artist of the ussr taken a mind of his films via the slider our dear dr angel in a hat when the feathers and then i come on are included in the gold fun because its cinema. i'm on those films are very popular still to this day take in amman was born in el monte today's relatives and colleagues came to pay tribute to his memory. for many years and mother worked as an art director of the concert film studio. also he had to cut expenses union summit on the first show on called the buy of our active in several movies directed by
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a mother of pearl and angel in a hat is the most remarkable one. who could resist those only two judicial and he told me when we were at georgia filled week show pumpkin ready you have to play one of the main roles in the new movie by. i was so happy when i came home i learnt that he died in moscow who was here for good the president of causing him to make a much i ever told that the events in honor of the hundredth birth anniversary the second time my love will be held in el monte austin are an oven door the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said the economic adjustment program of cyprus is going along with scores in the government budget figures are better than expected. a team of international experts reported on tuesday. but still warning about the existence of significant risks. according to reuters last year the mediterranean
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island became the fifth country the years though to seek financial support from the european union and international monetary fund after it lost billion euros on greek bonds. the joint statement from the european commission the european central bank and the two astronauts be fine said that the gdp of cyprus was expected to contract with four point eight percent in two thousand and fourteen before rebounding to one percent growth in two thousand fifteen. the two thousand thirteen the economy of cyprus contract with six percent which was less than expected. yes people are shying away from buying new vehicles here to see russian special edition reports the stock disposing of the limo for the car industry carmakers have to try to meet the demands of senior buyers and attract the younger generation according to the date of the center for automotive research at the university of bristol to essen germany for the twenty seven percent of all new car buyers last year for under the age of forty five. the average age of a new car buyer in germany rose to a record fifty two point two years the two thousand
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and thirteen three years older than the average recorded that if it goes reflecting the trend observed in other industrialized countries currently more companies are trying to reverse this trend but producing sports a compact models that are packed with electronic systems. switzerland's decision to introduce restrictions on the number of foreign workers who come to work and live in the country in accordance with the results of the referendum bring as many concerts in italy. according to the internet in the film industry the truth sites in the italian foreign ministry this decision will affect the cream and some of the european union states. in particular consequences of this action can reflect the attacks relations between the unsweetened. as each shadow minister for integration to stupidity notes that the necessity lies not in closing borders but in conducting an internal integration policy and sensing as a prelude to the rights of migrant workers should get the same ways as citizens of the host countries germany was also skeptical of the vote in switzerland. angela merkel's
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spokesman stephen tsai best state to the german government respects the outcome of the referendum but from our point of view the creek significant challenges. switzerland has explained to the european union the week intends to implement the decision of the referendum. gutierrez two thousand for teens. china's export volumes increased by ten point six percent in annual terms. i mounted two hundred and seven with thirteen billion years dollars. china's chief customs department reports over the same period china's imports rose by ten percent up to an amount of one hundred and seventy five points twenty seven billion us dollars. overall china's foreign trade turnover in january totaled three hundred and eighty two point four billion us dollars which is a ten point three percent increase compared to january two thousand and thirteen the gender of this year foreign trade surplus increased by fourteen percent in and opens up to thirty one point eight six billion dollars in two thousand thirteen the volume of china's foreign trade amounts to four point six two trillion us dollars which is
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seven point six percent more than two thousand and twelve china's exports grew by seven point nine percent and amounted to two point twenty one trillion us dollars imports grew by seven point three percent up to one point ninety five trillion us dollars. prices for coffee wheat corn and soybeans may arise due to dry weather conditions. residents of priscilla other left american countries and even most of europe already few of these changes with their supports as noted on this year the price of coffee increase the twenty nine percent the rise was due to the concern then try within brazil will harm this year's crops. these weather conditions which are currently prevailing in central and northern parts of brazil come at a crucial time for the development of the coffee plantations experts are warning they keep these conditions last longer than the price of coffee may increase by another twenty five percent there is no doubt that after the increase in the price of coffee beans retail prices of this product will still grow
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the eye the eye. ben. in it.
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city shouldn't it be to bring kazakhstan. when the capital city of kazakhstan summer and though it does go to some other more exciting architecture in the city will this be built silk in a just a few years. no one was coming from the airport and the first thing that you see
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when you arrive in the city from the airport. he's the sports complex. the rally there are three huge new buildings that did just be selling the schools in the first woman to be who god is this woman here called allow. and it's a nice stadium with a house attracted to doing speed skating devil hockey stadium and have a place where young children are able to learn how to skate so good to look at the festival. this futuristic stalin was the only stadium is a striking is the sign to the seat is driving the city from the airport. the name allow only inspired to read suzanne's one element of the energy and gold is mistaken. don't insist on easter and spring seasonal represented by the blue and green colors of distinctive logo. i know. the things that
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always impresses me about kazakhstan. love these is the fact that the children based on this cold is absolutely accessible. and they don't know specifically to allow him to even tell him to two of them to be able to grow up. he's in an environment of sports where they're able to learn how this case is that doing the unthinkable and head to the hockey players or streetscape is off to get down to whether they want the school parade. it's fantastic stadium. it is
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being billed for international sporting events to be made available things children absolutely free the plan is to bring them here. short for the talent that all people the right talent then becomes who will support them or will wait for the training program for glasgow. besides obsolete fantastic example that i think that you can think of it though. in personal training the eyes of the state the two. well of
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the kids and i were to have arrived when we did some speed trials is a competition between the different regions of kazakhstan. they want to fall into that day has to go
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into the team. lee dixon of the like the book was what to expect this from different regions around the country the old racing against each of them. feels flimsy little interest in games which the country folks to the stadium easily be no stranger to international competitions. the facilities to train the stars athletes and post the most demanding competition. the moment or try ice coffee. the kids skating facilities the allowance a new unseen costs continue to try and practice and friends. he is
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the stadium was clean all the millions. this recalls the link on of course he's the track around which the state into the racing and then inside the trunk and it has some drinks. one of the things that children throwing rings and the other one is used for training in peace. so there's all these facilities that and all the ice is different you can stash with different colors o the of the different parts of the stadium. the ice qualities that no one is to be used for the screen states is tall fast guys must be warm and still is the layer that was a little bit to help bill foster the ice hockey they don't need to find signs so that he wanted a baby. so the ice cream. who
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looks alone. he sells these six to eight files and people can compete. only the good things about the stadium winning close taken lightly all the lights and it is quite clear that the states in his article today. shadow elimination of anybody points. the people who read the sports industry republican bill. it's
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sometimes it is taking it into the light. one of the things that they go to the open mike and mike the ceiling. but it's the league actually result in a forty percent reduction in the mountains like to interview he did he get into the lead at the top flight such. the boe has an outstanding record for like sports. it is also making a pre sale for two weeks the lollies to the magnificent velodrome located a short walk from the illinois state. new
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latest generation sports facilities the big deal to astana the relocated very conveniently close to each other. we just walked over from the ice stadium now to these new facility. it's a velodrome. and here to help the very latest in technology to facilitate the best spin cycle racing. built in twenty eleven the asian winter games the velodrome is is this gospel stake in the newsgroup and in between the cycle track for a variety of different sports including skating rink on for two to an ice rink. today the stadium is being used for professional basketball training and for all. this is the cycling city. inside this world class velodrome. you can see these seed in the said sunday he unseated track. all the way around too and fifty meat as you can imagine the cyclist and clean around here a colossal speeds
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is used almost every day to train the cyclists were willed little intense play the games. it isn't it's like the new stadium is used or you can see that it's a huge place has a lot of open space here and this is basketball leagues in the middle tn they do use is finished soon but it isn't only just basketball as well. the robot scientist was the single here as well like boxing also weightlifting. they train the future leads in the number of different sports in the stadium the movie the scene though some young people purchasing the basketball to the very high standards. when used as a basketball court. the arena to the velodrome is the home training ground for the tigers basketball team and going coaching here today to tell me and south american
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leaders in preparation for its opening match against cska moscow. uluru. the news
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that the albeit with a nice facility staff to look into the city every week for five a side football and that is if you've been going on today and tomorrow is the special olympics. stamp duty on the focal plane is that the community learning abilities that will come together for the forty two for reasons of kazakhstan to compete against each other all these trophies here that you can say right out of the table before me and they can be whoever wins these can be pretty proud owners of the spirit to go back to their own regions. a. it is.
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sells. says. here's something
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new and restored order in the sereventeen ninety in your walk in and day. i knew. our. i am


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